Chase Legendarianism

Yer, my name is Jovonni L. Pharr, and I love what I do. I have been given the gift of "creation"; the gift to create pleasant things for people to engage with -- Whether it be through audio, writing software, or inspiring people to release the inner God within all of us

  • Press

    What people think of me

    Like it or not :s

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  • Music

    What I call "Dopestep"

    Hip Hop + Disrespectful Dubstep

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  • Technology

    I consider myself a Code Ninja

    I Study the programming languages & technologies that intrigue me

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  • Designs

    Only my art

    can truthfully explain what it is that goes on in my noggin

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Shortly about me

From the Bronx, to Atlanta
I was raised in the bronx, NY, and dropped out HS for 2 years. After realizing how stupid that was, I went back, graduated, now I'm in my final year at Georgia State University -- I will be leaving with a focus on Computer Information Systems + Concentation in IT Project Management -- Even though I have been doing this for 6+ years :)

"A man taught me the word Finesse, and it is a powerful tool"